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"If the oceans die, we die."
- Paul Watson
Sorry, Tumblr.

As much as I loved running this blog and making you all happy, I am no longer posting on this after today. I have no time for it anymore and I am just beyond bored with this site. I hope you understand. I love you guys!

because-im-batman-bitch asked:

This is by far my favorite tumblr


Sharks and Light by Todd Bretl on Flickr.
(by David Fleetham)

lexii112147 asked:

I'm so glad I found this! Your blog is beautiful and it make me happy to look at it. Such a great variety:)

How did I miss this? Thank you!


2013 Bahamas 32 339 Fish Tales reef shark by tdpriest on Flickr.
(by Sean Davey)
Green Sea Turtle (Chelonia mydas) endangered, and scuba diver in coral reef, Sipidan Island, Borneo by Norbert Wu
Green turtle hatchling (Chelonia mydas) swimming having reached the sea after hatching. After hatching, the babies must make a dash for the relative safety of the water. During the short journey they face predation from seabirds and crabs on shore and from fish and sharks in the water. The majority of the hatchlings never reach adulthood. Those that do survive spend a few years drifting with the currents, feeding on plankton and small animals. By the time they are mature they are strictly herbivorous, feeding on seagrass and algae. An adult can grow to over a metre in length. Photographed off an island north of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean.
by Alexis Rosenfeld
(by Monica and Michael Sweet)
A curious sea turtle stares at the camera off Stingray City, Grand Cayman island. by Chris Bickford